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Dependency type since v0.2

A graph object which can send updates to dependents on the reactive graph.

Most often used with state objects, though the reactive graph does not require objects to store state.

    dependentSet: Set<Dependent>

Example Usage

-- these are examples of objects which are dependencies
local value: Dependency = Value(2)
local computed: Dependency = Computed(function()
    return value:get() * 2

-- dependencies can be used with some internal functions such as updateAll()

Automatic Dependency Manager

Fusion includes an automatic dependency manager which can detect when graph objects are used in certain contexts and automatically form reactive graphs.

In order to do this, dependencies should signal to the system when they are being used (for example, during a call to a :get() method). This can be done via the useDependency() function internally, which should be called with the dependency object.

Furthermore, to help assist the dependency manager prevent cycles in the reactive graph, dependencies should register themselves with the system as soon as they are created via the initDependency() function internally. This is primarily used to prevent dependencies from being captured when they originate from within the object which is doing the capturing.

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