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Roblox's premier volumetric fog solution

It's time for jaw-dropping, belief-suspending graphics. Volumika is Roblox's first-ever high performance, fully dynamic, truly global volumetric fog solution.

It's not just for the powerful PCs; Volumika runs excellently with a wide range of graphics cards. It even achieves great performance on high-end phones and other mobile devices.

A generational leap in graphics

Volumika is built upon innovative new ways to manipulate the Roblox engine's rendering pipeline for maximum visual quality. Featuring proper additive blending, smoothed intersections with geometry, light sampling directly from Roblox's voxel grid, and temporally stable results, no other previous technique comes close to achieving a complete package this good looking.

Volumika also gives you greater artistic control compared to any other technique. Fine tune almost any visual aspect, from fog tinting to lighting influence to dithering characteristics. What's more, it's consistent across every available lighting engine on Roblox - most notably Future. Volumika puts the final appearance of your scene back in your hands.

Breakthrough performance

Compared to previous volumetric lighting approximations and techniques, Volumika not only delivers more accurate whole-room dynamic lighting with softer edges and deeper volume, but it does so while achieving category-leading framerates. It's so much more performant that, for the very first time, you can ship volumetric lighting as a viable option for your players.

Benchmarked on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 GPU and an Intel Core i5-8600K CPU, Volumika is capable of outputting a solid 150 frames per second at 1440p, and capable of outputting 120 frames per second to a Valve Index VR headset.

Indie-made, industry-changing

Volumika was researched and developed independently by Elttob as part of a years-long project to bring fully-fledged, rigorously built volumetric lighting techniques to Roblox. Representing thousands of hours of research combined with specialised and deep knowledge of Roblox's engine features and render pipeline, Volumika sets the standard for all volumetric fog implementations and unlocks entirely new capabilities for creators.

Buy once, yours to use

Subscriptions and restrictive licenses have the potential to harm creators when misused. That's why Volumika doesn't use them. With Volumika, you can use your version forever - patches included - and pay for new features on your own terms. It's a fairer model that simultaneously gives you freedom and helps ensure fair compensation - everyone wins.

Light your worlds with Volumika

Volumika is sold via, an indie-friendly platform that pays creators fairly and provides excellent support for their community. In a world of unaccountable business and faceless support teams, we are grateful for their continued good will and support.

Volumika Aktive logo Aktive for Roblox Studio

Preview your Volumika volumetric lighting while you work. Aktive connects to your Volumika installation and runs it inside Roblox Studio, empowering you to make quicker and better informed decisions about your lighting.