Reference sheet - © Maukeiv 2021

Ref sheet for Elttob

Classroom (with NobleReign & AxisAngles) - © Maukeiv 2021

Trey, Dan and Frost are in a maths classroom. Trey is writing equations on a whiteboard, and pointing to Dan who has their hand raised at their desk. Frost sits lost at the desk behind.

Innate Luminescence (with NobleReign, skatecar01 & MLGBudderCD) - © Liossar 2022

Dan, Cobalt, Frost, Pear and Ziti are in a boat in a glow worm cave. Frost is standing up and pointing to the ceiling, with the others sitting and looking up. Bioluminescent teal light shines from constellations of glowing points on the ceiling above, with rocky cave walls framing the scene.