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Brand Guidelines

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This page is under construction - information may be incomplete or missing.

Fusion is a modern, lightweight library built to make UI development faster and accessible to more people.

The Fusion brand is designed to reflect these themes.

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This section is a stub - it may require more detail added to it in future.

Our logo is constructed from two perpendicular intersecting planes, viewed from an almost-isometric angle.

This represents how Fusion brings together two different data structures into one unified whole; Fusion connects the hierachy of instances to the hierachy of state objects.

The logo is designed on an 8x8 pixel grid, making it highly legible and recognisable at almost any size.

The colours chosen are energetic and warm, giving Fusion a uniquely hot colour palette compared to the cool blues of most other libraries and frameworks.

It’s a simple, abstract design, but stands out among many other Roblox libraries by not depending on the Roblox brand.

Using Fusion brand assets

Before using the Fusion logo or brand assets in your project, please be mindful of our policy around use of our branding. The rights to the Fusion name, logo and brand assets remain reserved by Elttob.

We allow the following uses of the Fusion logo and branding by default:

  • Representing the (original) Fusion project.
    • For example, you may use the the Fusion logo on-screen in a tutorial video when you're referring to the Fusion project...
    • an image in a news article or blog post where you are talking about the Fusion project...
    • an icon in a data visualisation to represent the Fusion project...
    • ...or in general, any use where it's very clear you're referring to the Fusion project. This does not extend to derived or inspired-by projects.

If you wish to use the Fusion logo, name or branding in your project for a use case which isn't listed above, you must receive explicit written permission from Elttob first.

Please do not use the logo or branding in a way that:

  • may insinuate support, endorsement or other affiliation with the Fusion project.
    • It's okay to say you were inspired by Fusion, or are using Fusion as part of your project...
    • ...but it's not okay if your project comes off as an official part of Fusion, or as something officially endorsed by the Fusion project.