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function Spring(goalValue: State<Animatable>, speed: number?, dampingRatio: number?): Spring

Constructs and returns a new Spring state object, which follows the value of goalValue. The value of this object is simulated physically, as if linked to the goal value by a damped spring.

speed acts like a time multiplier; doubling speed corresponds to movement which is twice as fast.

dampingRatio affects the friction; 0 represents no friction, and 1 is just enough friction to reach the goal without overshooting or oscillating. This can be varied freely to fine-tune how much friction or 'bounce' your motion has.


  • goalValue: State<Animatable> - the goal value this object should approach
  • speed: number? - how fast this object should approach the goal
  • dampingRatio: number? - scales how much friction is applied

Object Methods


function Spring:get(): any
Returns the currently stored value of this Spring state object.

If dependencies are currently being detected (e.g. inside a computed callback), then this state object will be used as a dependency.

Example Usage

local position = State(UDim2.fromScale(0.25, 0.25))

local ui = New "Frame" {
    Position = Spring(position, 25, 0.5)
local playerCount = State(0)
local smoothPlayerCount = Spring(playerCount)

local message = Computed(function()
    return "Currently online: " .. math.floor(smoothPlayerCount:get())