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function OnChange(propertyName: string): Symbol

Generates symbols used to denote property change handlers when working with the New function.

When using this symbol as a key in New's property table, the value is expected to be a callback function. The callback will be connected to the property's GetPropertyChangedSignal event on the instance.

Unlike normal property change handlers, the new value is passed in as an argument to the callback for convenience.

Using OnChange with bound state

When passing a state object or computed object as a property, changes in the state will only affect the property on the next render step (a concept known as 'deferred updating').

Because OnChange connects to GetPropertyChangedSignal, it's possible to introduce subtle off-by-one-frame errors if you depend on OnChange to keep other things in sync with the property. Prefer to connect to the state's onChange event instead.


  • propertyName: string - the property to watch for changes on the instance

Example Usage

local example = New "TextBox" {
    [OnChange "Text"] = function(newText)
        print("You typed:", newText)